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Werefox - I Am Memory

Another metal indie band? Yes.
Are they competent? Yes.

It's only when I get to around the fifth or sixth track before anything nearly excites me.

'The Boy In Me, The Girl In You' has an interesting interlude when the female singer has a male counterpart. My eyes are open. The whole album lifts up when, 'March of the Finest' poignantly rocks with a feistier female vocal. And just when I think this is as best as the album is really going to get there's an absolute stunning Judas Priest-like intro with a gothic-venting singer that reveals herself. Oh yes, yes, yes!!! 'Beyond Mercy' is a stunning track and the band finally start to show some gutsy focus. About time too. 'Did I Kill The Devil in You?' Hmm this tune gives me the space to nod my head in time with the beat much like The Primitives meets Garbage with less melody.

On the whole it's a very easy to listen to album but not enough to keep me up at night though it might make me blink.

Lisa Kalloo

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