This Legion

This Legion

This Legion

Tracks: Easy to Rinse, Black Framed Tinted Shades

Oh people! Persistent was this young chap to get me to review his band's music. I had a stack of reviews to plough through before I even got to listen to This Legion's material  but Tom's tenacity paid off as here I am about to rave and rave and... Did I mention rave about the couple of tracks I listened to.

In a word? Energetic.
Two words: Fun and energetic.

Actually to be fair there aren't any two words to sing their praises as highly as I'd like.

There's a bit of Hendrix inspired guitars leaking out combined wit a dirty, sexy bass. The vocals are surprisingly sophisticated considering it's such a young band, but that doesn't mean I'm taking away any credit from them, I just want more oh and I wanna go see them live to see how received they are with audiences.

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