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Hangmas - Ragadozo

Hangmas - Ragadozo

These guys are from Hungary and they must be ‘hungry’ for success as they have very interesting musical compositions. Lyrically, I only understood two tracks as they were sung in English, the rest I’m guessing were sung in Hungarian. ‘Out of Order’ sounds like it should be in a sci-fi film and ‘Reset’ is O.K too and if truth be known, I could well imagine it being a heaving club track if it was sampled and remixed by a talented engineer. As for the rest of this album, well it didn’t strike any chords for me. Sorry boys.

They played at a few festivals so this band could have come out of the 80s. But they didn’t. 2007 is when they were formed.  Personally, if it wasn’t for the tracks I mentioned earlier I’d have left it right back there in 2007.

Lisa Kalloo

Hangmas - Ragadozo
Track list
01 Fehér Zaj
02 Luna
03 Darabokban
04 Ragadozó
05 Horror Deluxe
06 Lick My Pain
07 Out Of Order
08 Haiku
09 No Party (Dead City)
10 Reset

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