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The Sons - The Prime Words Committee

The Sons - The Prime Words Committee

The Sons.

The Sons? Never ‘eard of’em!

Paul, Lee, Roger, Stewart and Steven make up The Sons.

So when I was asked by The Sons’ manager to review this band I thought hmm OK. Why not? After all I do get asked often to review some ‘really great’, band.

Why did it surprise me so when I actually came to listen to them?

Because they broke the mold when they decided to put their spin on music. The themes are the same; love, life and getting older.

A definitively British band whose musical roots have great big dollops of exciting Irish folky pop, beautiful acoustic harmonics and the boys harmonise like a pack of well-behaved wolves. There are flickers of blues and rock and although I sneaked a peek at their site where they are described as being an indie band but to be honest the question I want answered is ‘Why on earth aren’t they signed yet?’

Two Minds kicks off the album with a schizophrenic twister. The tempos change. The acoustics are as crystal clear as the slightly raspy male vocalist.

Open to Persuasion is very much like Crowded House, Whenever I Fall at your Feet and so I suspect they have a leaning towards the Finn brothers. Nothing wrong with that at all. Again I must reiterate that I don’t want to pigeon hole them as there are huge swigs of The Beach Boys in their musical ‘swishery’ too.

Out of Sight is very much like The Jam. Do you remember them? They couldn’t be categorized easily either.
Very rhythmic. Very, very talented indeed.

My favourite track has to be New Obsession which is about unrequited love for want of a more euphemistic stalker type description. Droll and sinister at the same time with a real New Romantic synthy sound vocally and in musical terms.

Thoroughly enjoyed this album from start to finish.

Lisa Kalloo

The Sons - The Prime Words Committee

Track list
1 - Two Minds
2 - Scientists
3 - Better Days
4 - Open To Persuasion
5 - Out Of Sight
6 - Slow Down
7 - New Obsession
8 - Let The Power Fall
9 - Round And Round
10 - Float Together
11 - London Town
12 - Playground Bullies
13 - Peanuts

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