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There's a reason people rock the mic whatever their genre of choice.  From the word itself to the music rock conjures up energy, passion and intensity.  Voodoo Brother are a prime example of this.  The Cleveland, Ohio based rock band pack more substance, volume and riffs than there are Chuck Norris facts.  Voodoo Brother have their self-titled five track E.P out and are ready to pound your ears in the best kind of way.

“The forefathers of Hard Rock, Stoner Rock, and Heavy Metal formed their genres for one reason and one reason only…”.  This is why Voodoo Brother say they exist, and they aim to leave their mark.  The opening track Tearable sets up the band’s contrast perfectly.  The band are simultaneously fragile but strong.  An oxymoron, but I wouldn’t say that to their faces.  The lyrics speak about the fragile nature of Tearable’s subject whilst guitars dominate your ears with big riffs.  Vocalist Jay manages to sound sincere whilst matching the guitars power.

Another strength of Voodoo Brother is their inventiveness.  Across the five tracks they play with moods and styles to create something continually fresh in your ears.  Stillwater has a heavy rock and roll feel, with a healthy injection of riffs.  With a hooky groove the track draws you in before dropping big riffs that will do nice to your insides.  Taking a different approach My Own Life is fuelled by aggression.  From the vocals to the guitar tone this track is seeped in rage, building to a dark chorus.  The venom of My Own Life is underlined by the final line.  An expletive of the strongest kind, it sums up the track’s feelings.  The final track on the E.P showcases the bands inventiveness the most.  Let Me Grow comes in on a storm of drums and industrial guitar, giving out brooding and urgent vibes like free cookies.  As you listen to vocalist Jay cry ‘Let Me Grow’ the song suddenly changes up in pace and becomes an energetic and heavy beast.   Complete with some vocal harmonies the fluid nature of this track shows the imagination of the band and their desire to make something unique.

Making the songs happen are a tight and talented band.  The vocals are versatile, matching the band whether the track is slow, fast or just plain angry.  Adding to these are the guitars.  These produce riff after riff, giving the Voodoo Brother a heavy sound which also has interesting and creative moments.  A stand out moment is the riff in Still Water; it manages to be technical and frantic, and most importantly sound ace.  Voodoo Brother’s slowest track Love – I Don’t Take It So Well showcases the bass.  A bass heavy intro sets up the songs slow groove perfectly.  Even this track has its moments though.  Strong throughout, the drumming helps drive the tracks forward – sounding big in tracks such as My Own Life.

Voodoo Brother make loud but intelligent rock music.  Whether you’re on your guitar music or need something to tempt you back into the fold they are a band well worth discovering.  Check them out, you won’t regret it!

David Horn

Voodoo Brother
Track list
1 - Tearable
2 - My Own Life
3 - Stillwater
4 - Love, I Don't Take It So Well
5 - Let Me Grow

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