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Donovan Woods - The Widowmaker

Donovan Woods - The Widowmaker

What a strong lyrically inspired album touching on subjects such as wisdom, love and growing up.

Canadian born Donovan has accolades already such as an old song of his, which featured on a movie starring Matthew Perry (woopy woo woo) and another of his earlier songs playing on Degrassi: The Next Generation what can you say to that? That’s the mark of a man with pressure on his shoulders eh? Donovan takes it all in his stride and thrills us with a slow tempered but passionate acoustic base of an album. You can’t help but feel like you’re listening to vintage vinyl.

Donovan has a really pleasing structure to all his songs. They are clearly sung in an easy American college style. He could be likened to Jeff Buckley although later down the song list we get ‘Let Go Lightly’ which has more of a Dylan-like signature. More’s the pity, as a harmonica intrinsically likens any male folk singer to our Bob.

Donovan’s voice has a touching light gravelly spirit which glides effortlessly through the tracks. All his ditties have a little Tom Petty about them but if I had to pick a fave track then ‘I’m Still Sweet’ would be mine. Probably because he punctuates his words much like Tom’s famous, ‘I Won’t Back Down’.

I love the stories that unfold in The Widowmaker. Any one of these tracks is a worthy standalone song and that my dear readers, is the truest test to an album full of promise. If it can stand on its own without the need for the prop of other tunes either side to support and justify its existence then you know you have a winner.
Given the right promotion Donovan could be a sixty million seller man!

Lisa Kalloo

The Widowmaker
Track list
1 - Jail
2 - Phone
3 - Your Daughter, John
4 - How Much Is That Hat
5 - Divorcée
6 - Lord, I'm Tryin'
7 - Let Go Lightly
8 - I'm Still Sweet
9 - Won't Come Back
10 - Lawren Harris
11- No Time Has Passed
12 - Don't Deny It


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