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Dana Jade

Dana Jade - Dana Jade

At last!

A feisty woman with a snarl.  She’s a real femme fatale. A vocalist with a stinging guitar and harsh n heavy bass. The chopped beats which carry throughout her album, carry her well.

Dana doesn’t need to experiment with her vocals at all not like some preppy, pretentious dickettes I’ve had the displeasure to have met, greet, interview and review.

So what makes Dana stand out from the crowd?
Maybe she has a stash of influences on cultural references to which I can easily ensconce myself on a comfy sofa and head shake with vigour?

More importantly Dana is clearly a grown up.

It’s clear that she was born to play those vocals out til the bitter end. She’s focused. Her lyrics are sexily clad in a dirty metal  armour that would easily bite PJ Harvey on the ass.
“Little Sister’ has a peppered reggae overture but on the whole, this album is as sadistic as an album will allow without being too offensive.

Preened with self love and preservation seems to have made Dana and her songs an inseparable combo. I chuckled at the threesome reference with a woman on ‘She or I Go’ which seems to have been sung from the heart.

Melody. A perfectly snug outfit of a  band who are passionately relevant and pluralistic. No egos here. They know that Ms Jade is the ego of the band.

I can’t wait for you to meet and greet this groovy chick’s album.

Lisa Kalloo

Dana Jade - Dana Jade
Track list
1 - Eyes Like Cinder
2 - Shudder
3 - Jaded
4 - Murky Tears
5 - The End Of The Line
6 - Little Sister
7 - Gritting Teeth
8 - Lust
9 - She Or I Go
10 - Dark As Midnight

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