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Carnabells - She’s a Rollercoaster

Carnabells - She’s a Rollercoaster

Such a fun flavoured, American sounding, rock n roll boy band from Leeds. A bit skiffle. A bit Mika tinged in the Skipping Stones track and a bit indie throughout the EP. It really is a smashing combination. Loving the piano riffs with the sprinkling of guitar based, bluesy twists. ‘Station Road’ has all the r ‘n’ r energy of Meatloaf and is subtly similar to Dead Ringer for Love.

The themes range from social media, love and tongue in cheek humour. It’s all very fast-paced so expect your heart to skip a few beats trying to keep up with the fast, fast, quick, quick metronomic beats.

I can definitely imagine the young teen girls dedicating a section of their ‘cool’ music collection for this fine band.

Lisa Kalloo

She's a Rollercoaster
Track list
1 - Station Road
2 - Rock 'n' Roll Beat
3 - The Puzzle
4 - Skipping Stones


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