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Melinda Ortner

Melinda Ortner - Strangers EP

Now I would be totally lying if I said that this woman didn’t remind me of Katy Perry. That’s perhaps more of the cosmetic appeal than anything else. Pay attention. Peel back those layers! Hike up the volume and what is revealed is a mesmerising sullenness that invokes musical magnetism. The dark, lingering cello and stringy, striking amoral intros are steaming! They follow an almost rural path of drama upon drama, isolating every aural orifice.

The raunchiest ,yet most haunting song, has to be ‘Strangers’. It has a distinct undertone of grungy Baroqueness to it which is positively enthralling to hear.
Total dedication to melody is what we are given. Melinda’s voice is an octave lower than the pop girly dregs we get dipped in with those ‘ever so popular’ radio stations, but not with this four times West Coast winner.

‘Sweet Little Lies’ bears a remarkable resemblance to the tones of the late Amy Winehouse but that said, that only occurs at the start of this song. Melinda trounces over those initial thoughts of ‘Winehouseness’ and drifts comfortably into a more Aimee Mann delivery. Nope that’s not it. She still has more than that in her songs. She sings with a jazzy, commanding tone. Although she may have been compared to Fiona Apple, in my humble opinion she has more charisma than that.

She is the one and only Melinda Ortner. Not a carbon copy of anybody else but perhaps mentor to herself. Her voice is as desirable as a good vintage red to the palette.

Check out her video and songs and tell me who springs to mind after listening to her…

Lisa Kalloo

Track list
1 - Strangers    
2 - Wait Another Day
3 - Sweet Little Lies    
4 - Somethin' Sorry

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