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Feldspar – The Flat and Paper Sky Vol. I

What kind of name is that for a band you might ask? Mineral rock was the answer when I checked a dictionary.

And who do they sound like? This is often the first question that’s asked when listening to a new band.

Well, they have a garnish of Plain White T’s and Nick Drake, which especially shimmies through, in ‘Shadow’. OK so they’re not original but what you get is a great product with a wide range of imputed acoustics.

Written with stories in mind. These stories unfold. Their tales are every bit as provoking as The Pogues. What you get is a rich mixture of familiarity and captivating musical moments e.g. ‘The Rest’, which then lead you into an ethereal world veering a bit on the Sting side.

5 great fongs. No spelling mistake here my dears. This is my newly invented term for great folk songs. And that’s what you get in this 5 pack E.P.

It’s totally applicable here so thank you Feldspar boys.

A totally mature sound.

Lisa Kalloo

Track List:
1 - Let the Time Run
2 - Cressida
3 - The Rest
4 - Lady Danger
5 - Shadow

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