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I'm Kingfisher - Arctic

I'm Kingfisher - Arctic

Three albums were already made by the time I was asked to review Arctic. In fact, two years had even lapsed before I unwrapped this little animal. So here I am, left scratching my head and wondering why this beast hasn’t received more appreciation?

This Swedish singer, previously known as Thomas Denver Jonsson, sings about early, polar, arctic adventures hence the title of the album. He sings about animals, plants, life and the inevitable. You only have to look at the titles to realise the subjects; The Whale Hunt, Deer Theatre and Smile with Your 1000 Teeth.

I have read other reviews whereby he has been likened in part to Sonic Youth. Yes there are electronic elements used in unusual instances but in this album, he is his own man.

An assortment of ethereal sounds and hearty instruments are thrown into the mix; horn, trombone, acoustic guitar and subtle drumbeats - shake that up with fragile, icy vocals and strong lyrical content and you’ll find that Arctic is wrapped into simple but effective rhythmic songs that really impact your senses. The electronica elements give an added twist and make the listener want more, more and more.

Thomas’s voice has a gentle but grazed anguish to his voice, which like a strong breeze whooshes into experimental folk-jazz hillbilly enclaves of sub charismatic pop.

There are some singers that receive a few positive reviews. Newbies. They must read and or reread the same vomit state and suddenly, or so it seems, that praise goes to their head. They believe that they are superstars. Not here. Thomas’s songs, on this album, are more grounded than any other artist I have had the pleasure of reviewing or interviewing.

The release of this musical undergarment is worth its weight in gold. It is every bit as meaningful as the day it was conceived. Every single note melts into the next. It would serve any wannabe folk singer well to listen and learn from this master. To some though it might come across as music for the anorak brigade. For me? Get me that snorkel coat now!!!!

Lisa Kalloo

Track list
01 - Willing Night Plants
02 - Svalbard
03 - Feline Funeral
04 - Nansen
05 - Deer Theatre
06 - Peacock Color Song
07 - Smile With Your 1000 Teeth (feat. Keith Kenniff)
08 - A Continent Lost
09 - Expedition
10 - Twin Sorrow
11 - Arctic Fox Too Majestic for the Tundra
12 - The Whale Hunt

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