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The Ironweed Project

The Ironweed Project - These Chains Aint Gonna Hold Me

Anif Akinola is the leader of this pack. The idea is a collaborative project where musicians, producers and artists are invited from all over the world to participate and add value to the musical project.

Anif has skirted the perimeters of success.  He was the cowriter of ‘Wallking Down Madison’ (Kirsty MacColl), done like work with The Orb, The Beloved and of course not forgetting he was the founder member of the hip-hop dudes Chapter and Verse.

So that’s where the guy’s been and now it looks as though it’s his time to shine. It seems that over a decade of being in the shadow has provided him with a more than solid platform to more than hold his own.

And does he shine?

Shine he does. Clearly his love of George Clinton and the Delta Blues shines, shines, shines.

No clouds on this album. No dust only sheer reverie. Slide guitars, hip-hop, blues, funk hmm hmm hmm. That’s not all.

The Whole World on Fire is a political stab at global warming.

SEX. That age old theme sung and played out in a Janis Joplin manic bluesy, psychedelic way in You Got Me Working.The energy  coming outta this track exhausts me lol and I’m the mere listener!

Fat City – a stab at fat city bankers and the rich for want of a better description.  ‘…Gonna find a business man and smash his mobile phone’. Anif is not shy about trashing his satire in yer face and I love it.

These Chains Aint Gonna Hold Me-the deepest of deep voices here. I'm talking a true baritone mixed with drum and bass. Now this is my kind of stuff. But in comes metal too which can throw you off the track but not me, I just lapped it all up.

Making All Kinds of Music – Guitar, metal, blues and a real Hendrix feel to it.

Addicted To Love conjures up a cool dude I reviewed not that long ago, Paul Heaton. The organs and genteel delivery of the words serves to make this a sympathetic portrayal of being a love addict.

In fact if Hendrix was alive to day I reckon this would have been the direction he would have headed.

To sum up:

This is the multi-orgasm to progressive intelligent music. The Ironweed Project should come with a caution,’BE PREPARE TO BE BLOWN AWAY’.

I’m not exaggerating here peeps. I was so intrigued and impressed by the fusions and twists in these tracks that I had to nose on through his earlier material.

Guess what? That too should come with a caution too.
If you’re not convinced please please please just listen to ANY ONE OF THESE TRACKS.

Lisa Kalloo

These Chains Aint Gonna Hold Me
Track list
1 - The Whole World On Fire
2 - You Got Me Workin'
3 - Fat City
4 - I Just Like It
5 - These Chains Ain't Gonna Hold Me
6 - Life Is Getting Serious
7 - Making All Kinds of Music
8 - In A Box
9 - A Little Love
10 - Addicted to Love
11 - Heart N' Should
12 - Goodbye Blues

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