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Francis Bowie

Francis Bowie - EP

Francis is from Copenhagen but sounds just like Marc Almond.

This is pure intelligent indie pop with synthy orchestrated manouevres. It’s all so very crazily catchy.

Lyrically, Francis is what some might dismiss as, ‘tired’. Not me. His sophisticated choice of words is not only witty but melodramatically expressed.
Hmmm… so pleasurable!

Soft Cell’s influence is felt in all four tracks but this is NOT a one-dimensional, hero-worship regurgitation experiment for the 21st century…

Nope. This singer stands apart from the pack. He’s taken the elements from the 20th century and gone on to produce a very fine EP.

He presents his work much like creative pieces of art.

The freshness that Roxette exuded back in the day comes charging back to awaken our inert senses with this lil EP. He could even be the Stephen ‘Tin Tin’ Duffy of the decade.

Each track is carefully engineered. It has the feel of a synth orchestra. It’s a low-fi sound, which enhances the chemistry of the production.

Sunny Day’ is like a breath of fresh air (the video is really modish too).

The only disappointment this EP holds is that it’s just an EP and not a whole album full of delights to enjoy.

Lisa Kalloo

Francis Bowie EP
Track list
1 - Endlessly
2 - Wasting my time
3 - Sunny Day
4 - Silly and crazy

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