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Lace & Whiskey - Running Out of Time

Lead singer Andy Hodgson, lead guitarist Melissa Collett, Nick Charleston on bass and Aaron Smith on drums all go to make up Lace and Whiskey.

They formed in East London. That came as something of a surprise as they have more of an American flavour.

Running Out of Time was released on 12 June 2012. The closest description for them would be progressive folk rock with a real retro 70s bluesy American feel. Real valve amps!

Lace and Whiskey have kept that ‘live feel’ that many rock bands lose after their sessions in the studio. Brazenly guitar based.

Out of Time is the official single from the album. And what a cracking track!

They’re brave. They’re charming. Their lyrics are as witty as they are clever.

What is Love has a raw energy of Shocking Blue energy with a sound quite close to The Monkees, “Stepping Stone”.

One to crank up is The Nightmare’s Back as it’s as fun as it is expressive. Andy has a clear, inviting voice and Melissa supports him succinctly.
A nifty little musical number, Night of the Armada, is thrown in for good measure. Strangely giving off some Maiden vibes in parts. Completely acceptable seeing that there isn’t a track here that doesn’t warrant merit.

The acoustic numbers are just as fun as their electric 70s grooves.

Another band that I look forward to seeing live because I’m sure they’re every inch as incredible as they sound on this production.

If you really dig the 70s acoustic progressive scene then this will be right up your street!

Lisa Kalloo

Running Out of Time
Track list
1 - But Do You Love Me?
2 - I'm Here for You
3 - The Nightmare's Back
4 - Out of Time
5 - Confuse the Mind
6 - What Is Love?
7 - Isolation
8 - Bad Dream
9 - Night of the Armada
10 - Don't Ask Questions
11 - Time Never Ends

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