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Mode Moderne - Strange Bruises

Who comes out of a musical Canada? Celine Dion and…. And…erm…Vanilla Ice?

That was a long time devotees!

Mode Moderne with a decidedly Brit brand of indie pop band that’s who…

They’re like The Smiths falling over Echo and the Bunnymen with a kick from The Cure. So no surprises when you hear this album after you’ve read this review.

The drawl is definitively Morrissey. The guitars are much like The Cure. The depths of the lyrics are deliciously Echo and the Bunnymen.

They could have actually come from the 80s.

It’s so easy to listen to.

And the best song from these seven tracks ?

The last track.
Not because that means the end is near. Nothing so trite but because it typifies the whole album…

Open Air is as refreshing as a 1980s teenage angst.

If you dig the sub existential empire of ‘musicdom’ then this should rest agreeably in your collection.

Lisa Kalloo

Strange Bruises
Track list
1 - Nightly Youths
2 - Foul Weather Fare
3 - Strange Bruises
4 - Guns
5 - Private Library
6 - Electrocute Me
7 - The Open Air

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