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The Webb Sisters - Savages

The Webb Sisters are a duo sister group consisting of:
Hattie – Harp and Violin
Charlie – Guitar, clarinet and piano

Playing for the Queen, Princess Anne, supporting Rufus Wainwright, Sting, touring with Leonard Cohen and touring in support of Jamie Callum. It’s all very impressive eh? All this and more!

These Kent girls have kissed the world with their angelic harmonies.

Bordering folk.

Not quite mainstream.

Let me just repeat that. Angelic harmonies. They are living the dream and quite rightly so. Their talent surpasses all those standard ballads that some settle for with background fillers.

In your father’s eyes just shows what two sisters can do with voices similar but ten times better than Shania Twain’s range.

Every single song has melody. Drama. Something captivating for a mainstream audience though so if you like The Corrs, Nouveau Vague, Tori and Jewel then you really would find this refreshing.

Every line has rhythm and melodrama Calling this a life shows you that this is as impactful as a song can get.

Powerfully constructed in words and peculiarity comes Dark Sky which embraces you and teases you with its playfulness.

I could spend all night ripping this album apart and relaying my thoughts and feelings but let me save the night for me. Selfishly so cos I want to play this material yet again. As for YOU?!!!

Go out and get it!

In the words of Leonard Cohen,’The sublime Webb Sisters”. Couldn’t have put it better myself.

Lisa Kalloo

Track list
1. Baroque Thoughts
2. Calling This A Life
3. Words That Mobilise
4. Savages
5. Dark Sky
6. Burn
7. Amelie's Smile
8. If It Be Your Will
9. In Your Father's Eyes
10. Blue And You
11. 1000 Stars
12. The Goodnight Song
13. Yours Truly

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