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Christiaan Webb debut solo album A Man Possessed

Christiaan Webb - A Man Possessed

What on earth caused my eyebrow to twitch?

The first track’s intro, Fountain of Youth produced the said twitch.

Fountain of Youth – reminds me of Jimmy Nail.

When I was a kid I was made to stay at the table ‘til I had eaten up all my food.’ It was a real struggle. The moral?

I played “A Man Possessed” and became nostalgic.

What a coincidence there’s a track Christian sings called, “Nostalgia”.

Did I become nostalgic listening to this track?

Yes. I wanted relive that kiddy moment of food again because it excited me more than this album.

But why? Because Christian’s vocals irritate and grate me?


More to the point, the album, as a whole, is somewhat lacklustre.

There is no content that jumps out as interesting or inventive.

The moral?

Try to see things through to the bitter end, as you never know when you may have to rely on that moment for comfort.

Lisa Kalloo

A Man Possessed
Track list
1 - Westward Man
2. We're Under the Same Stars
3. Midnight Moon
4. My Best Intetions
5. Life Support (feat. Angela Gannon)
6. What If There's No After Life
7. Fountain of Youth
8. There's Nowhere That I'd Rather Be
9. It's All Over Now
10. Nostalgia
11. It's Your Last Night On Earth
12. Kids in Love (feat. Rachael Brook)

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