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Amie Penwell - Under City Lights

Amie’s voice is a versatile mixture of penetrating depth and fizzy heights. Mostly it is slow paced Indy pop album.

Under City Lights is the third studio album Amie has delighted us with and to be honest, this one is something quite, quite, quite extraordinary. Each song has it has its own personality.

Walking With You has a U2 undertone providing that classic build up with a bass and lecky guitar. The sheer control her voice provides is as impactful as the careful rationing of her range… And the overall effect? Devastatingly haunting!

Now, if I had a crush on someone, Come To Me, would be the song I would play. With instruments so perfectly balanced, candlelights strategically placed… Hmm I had better stop!

Dogfight On the Moon. The simplest of songs are often the most successful songs. Make no mistake  about it. This is a simple ballad harnessed with beautiful dulcet so I will expect to Amie to gain a lot of momentum from this tune alone.

There are shades of Annie Lennox that transport you to nostalgic 80s realms when you listen to Somewhere The Sky Is Blue… Breathy and breathtaking.

There is not one track on this album that I wouldn’t want to listen to or replay. Amie and her talented contributors have all served to make this a noteworthy album.

Ambiguity serves as the teaser subject matter and as ironic as you might find that, it is a consistent theme throughout the six tracks.  As a whole and as a sum of it parts, this playfulness of ambiguity works on a number of different levels.

Lisa Kalloo

Under City Light
Track list
1 - Walking With You
2 - Don't Leave Me Wondering
3 - Come to Me
4 - Dogfight On the Moon
5 - Somewhere the Sky Is Blue
6 - Last Decembers Dance

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