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Syd Arthur - On And On

Such psychedilc sound and colour throughout On an On.

Reminiscent of Jefferson Airplane in musical influence in places. Jazz infusions, streaks of Steeleye Dan… The mixture of tracks demonstrate their level of maturity. Their composition, knowledge and sound fusions are flawless… Need I go on?

These boys are from Canterbury. They make, mix and experiment with digital and analogue music. Kate Bush’s nephew is a part of this four-piece band.

A funky little riff meets with acid jazz in Night shaped Light. Like taking a shot of pure coffee. Smooth and strong, individualistic, and though the composition adheres to the rules of convention, it then turns that energy around on itself and transforms into sheer experimentalism.

To say that this band have stuck to one genre would be tantamount to a sin especially when Paradise Lost slaps us in the face and plays with samples, guitars and effects that then lead to a gentle male vocal that is unrushed and then unexpectedly speeds up. Almost Doobie Brothers and Santana in parts. This song takes you by the hand, leads you on to the dance floor, waltzes with you, drifts away from you and then whips you up into a frenzy. And then it stops. Supercoolio track.

Appropriately named album? Perhaps. There are plenty of familiar influences but that said, it’s a nifty little dinner party album.

Lisa Kalloo

On An On
Track list
1 - First Difference
2 - Edge Of The Earth
3 - Ode To The Summer
4 - Dorothy
5 - Truth Seeker
6 - Night Shaped Light
7 - Promise Me
8 - Black Wave
9 - Moving World
10 - Paradise Lost


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