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LIMOZINE - Full Service

Limozine - Full Service

Has anyone told these guys that originality helps? Or was it made in early teenage years? Or have they come from the Outback somewhere?

Twenty Greatest Hits – Why bother? The Ramones have done this sort of stuff to bits.

Deep Fried Love – Hahahahaha! Where did they get the inspiration for this title? It doesn’t get more superficial than this or does it???

Siamese Twins – Well, I’m still laughing.

Jennifer X – this track stands out from the rest. Was it a different line up bar the vocalist? Nope. This has a wider audience appeal and a distinct eccentricity to it that is erm… amusing.
Lyrically there is a story to Jennifer X but regardless of the tale it is a ‘fun to listen to’ track and does have a hint of the Stones about it.

Girls Don’t – Fast forward please!

Surfin in the Dark – Why? I mean really why?

Beercan Blues – a whisper of ZZ Top and the Stones.

Drink Yourself Out – twist of The Clash with a nice retro sound. It’s so retro I could almost believe it came from another era.

Sniffin Glue – Oh Please!

Welcome to the Rodeo – nearly relieved.

Hotel TV Swimming Pool – promise me this is the end of this album. Please!

O.K. so this might not quite be something I’d play… But I gotta give credit where it’s due… the band are tight. The lyrics aren’t deep. The chief material lyrically here is chicks, rude bits, beer, drugs and no pretence.

It’s a ‘Full Service’ for teenage kidsters album. It has commercial appeal.

I don’t think the likes of Simon Cowell would give them a rave review either but I reckon this is exactly the sort of stuff that rebel teens would worship and parents despair. It is good old fashioned rock n roll doin’ its thang!

Lisa Kalloo

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