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Simon McKechnie - London Reborn

Simon McKechnie is a London based composer and musician.
‘tis all very London and folky.

But there’s a twist…

These are revamped old London folk music and songs with a heap of the contemporary and contrary to it. It marries the old with the new – that includes use of early music al instruments with today’s voice.

Most of the instruments he plays himself though he does have some high profile guests on the album.
He has written for BBC television, classical ensembles and so much more.

Sadler’s Wells is a great track with an introspective resonance that will leave you feeling like you’ve just been for therapy.
Light strings and a melodic structure make this album a pleasure to relax with.

St Paul’s Steeple is as bubbly as you’d imagine a revamped nursery rhyme could get. It’s brave but also performed with an energy that simply shows the passion that Simon has for music itself.

There is an array of ancient sounding instruments on London Reborn to tease and delight you from fiddles and harps to flutes and the delightful Johanna Marshall for vocals.

Simon treats us to an upbeat Indian vibe with ‘The Old Glassy Junction’ (London Bridge). The Old Glassy Junction is a reference to the first Indian pub in the UK which was based in Southall (it was called the Glassy Junction and closed last year). It’s a cheeky London tune salutary to the Indian influence in the UK.

All in all I’d happily land this on my player but it is not something that would suit everyone’s palette. It is, for a start, a composition of traditional London songs,

Yes this is a 21st century London folk music experience that I would thoroughly recommend if you like a touch of musical conventional meeting not as conventional.

Lisa Kalloo


London Reborn
Track list
1. Oh London Is A Fine Town
2. A Trip To Highgate
3. The London Gentlewoman (The Hemp Dresser)
4. Graies Inne Maske
5. Sadler's Wells
6. Street Cries Of London
7. Greenwich Park
8. The Beaux Of London
9. St Paul's Steeple
10. The Exhibition Of 1862
11. Temple-Barr
12. The Old Glassy Junction (London Bridge)

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