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DAMN VANDALS: The Beautiful Mind EP

Damn Vandals - Done for Desire

Damn Vandals are a competent all boy band with a middle of the road rock pop flavour. They have a few catchy numbers and the rest is ‘a bit polyfiller’. To be fair though this band don’t take themselves that seriously. That said, they do have some songs that touch on politics but I much prefer their sense of fun.
Jack’s lead vocals are strong and command attention.

Kings of Never is a pretty stark rock song. Catchy words which work well with the lead singer’s vocals. Love the lead psychedelic guitar playing - hypnotic to the bone.

This Amazing – The way the story sung unfolds and the way both the lead and bass guitars interplay with the vocals is ‘amazing. Love the steady rhythm. It doesn’t take a genius to feel the love these guys have for playing. I have to crank up the volume on this track with good headphones. It’s a great one when you’re out in a crowd full of shoppers, mid-day and you want to zone out of the whole people bumping into you and being rude…it would definitely get you through the afternoon. Better still, playing it out loud with ‘amazing’ speakers oooooohhhhh yesssss!

The Revenge of The Spider – The other song I remember about a spider was Boris the Spider. This song is nothing like that. It could be a soundtrack to a spider horror movie. ‘A dinosaur brain and chicken’s heart’…ooohhhhhhh yeahhhh!!! ‘Devil is in heaven, God is on his knees”. These recreational lyrics were inspired by Jack’s three year old son.

Beautiful Mind- this song sounds a lot like a tribute to The Smithereens. (Did I mention I love the Smithereens?)

I selected these particular tracks from the album because they have an exciting ring to it. The other tracks I divorced as they weren’t doing it for me!

Lisa Kalloo

Damn Vandals - Done for Desire
Track list
1. Revolution / Rehearsal
2. As Seen On TV
3. Kids Want Guns
4. Kings Of Never
5. Sex It Narcissus
6. This Amazing (Album Version)
7. Can't Go Dancing When You're Gone (Album Version)
8. The Revenge Of Spider Toothy
9. Trouble With Jesus
10. Beautiful Mind

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