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Thomas Truax - Monthly Journal

Thomas Truax - Monthly Journal

Lyrically inspired by twelve months. Each song is its own beast.
Slow in pace and delivered with snuggly fitting lyrics. This album just works.

Midnight August has an Adam and the Ants feel to it. Unusual for this century but there’s nothing wrong with that is there? Month by month these tracks get better and better. Just like your typical monthly journal. Good old Grandmother's Advice is coated with humour and rich in Hasidic vibes. Thomas sings with ‘operatic’ emotion and follows through in an exemplary fashion with Everything's Gone Halloween. This is as catchy as it is haunting. Retro acoustics compliment Thomas's bass voice.

Ohhh, shivers down my spine!

The satiny use of instruments. More ooohhhhs!

His voice is lushly baritone.

This is one swish album if ever I’ve heard one. Well-tempered indy pop infusions and sexy jazz undertones. Thomas's natural affinity with synthesizers is positively delightful.

If you want to jump up and prance around this won't serve as your aid. This is more in the genre of Mr. Tom Waites. Songs with a point.
Music for the Java coffee drinkers, educated and astute.
The album title itself tells us that this is an odyssey of sorts so LISTEN to it!

Lisa Kalloo

Monthly Journal
Track list
1. January Egg Race Dream
2. February What Ya Doin to Me
3. March Winds
4. April Showers
5. Free as Fireflies in May
6. Lost on the Moon in June
7. A Gold Star for Miss July
8. Midnight in August
9. Grandmother's Advice
10. Everything's Gone Halloween
11. November in Berlin
12. Family & Friends

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