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Rupert Stroud - Chasing The Night

Simple indy pop here!
Nothing pretentious. Nothing to be pretentious about. Nothing musically inspiring or particularly original in its song content either.
Put together though it's not that bad a ‘listen to’ album if you're doing lots of other things.

Forty Nights and Forty Days
Is a reasonable tune with some swishy Pearl Jam acoustic moments.

Forget You
Simple, passive song with some Lisa Germano-like strums.

Take More Time
A bit more kick and bite to the structure of this song.

Have To Say
Whoopie! A couple more instruments make an appearance.

Heard it All Before
A song about drinking too much. Half way through this song, a female supporting vocalist interjects, stealing the limelight. What's that all about?

On The Run
Rupert has a Lennon like drawl here, though this might be more due to the vocal processing.

Sunday Night Blues
Lovely bluesy intro which is comparatively exceptional.
You know when you listen to some mad little track that just soooo sticks in your head for days and days? This is one of those songs!! It even has an overtone of Muse. Or a Muse wannabe…

No Love Lost
Poetry it's not.
Catchy in its simplicity.
It is...

Human Politics
Eww... so samey.

Rupert's voice is monotonic throughout this album. The music is like an overdone hard-boiled egg. Tears for Now is an uncomfortable moment that drags on and on with a horrendous rap like thing. I could drone on but the album speaks for itself.

To sum up, this album has two reasonable songs and the rest is like polly filler.

Not for my shelf thanks!!

Lisa Kalloo

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