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Louise Quinn, Kid Loco - Oh Jackie

Louise Quinn & Kid Loco - Oh Jackie EP

Louise Quinn doesn’t have to try to sound cool she just is. . . with those jazz and indie overtones who could ask for anything more from 4 tracks? Well many people would dismiss this as trash. But then that’s the pop trash suite of commercial dullness for you!

Oh Jackie
This is an ultra tastic duet of a track! Organ, retro Louise has one of those voices you know you won’t forget.

Exactly Like You
She reminds me of Catatonia although Louise is really distinctive in her own right and doesn’t have the baby tones of Cerys - what she does have an echo of Mazzy Star.

Ghosts From The War (Bill Wells Remix)
A cutesy, acoustic jazz track with sprinkling of Joni Mitchel for good measure and tone. There’s a bit of guitar play, a bit of piano play and simply sang.

Hate This Town
By the time I listened to this track, I realised what I was thinking. . . this is the musical equivalent of a Lynch film.

Not gonna lie. . .

Not gonna dress this up for love nor money. . .

This EP is not gonna be to everybody’s taste. But I like it. It’s got guts. It’s theatrical and weird. Yup, another one that’s staying in my collection. Pensez vous?

Lisa Kalloo

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