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Spiedkiks - Madcap

What an annoyingly brilliant album!

With elements from the Beasties, Freq Nasty and influences ranging between Garage to Garbage, not to mention the samples from all musical directions ALL packed into a trippy, hip hoppy, electro manifesto of funky beats, percussion to the max and female, male vocals.

Quite frankly, I’m outta breath.

Your eardrums will be treated to harmonies from all spectrums of music.

And when you think that you’ve got Spiedkiks all figured out in comes a diddy wah touch of classical delight just to tickle the senses.

From old skool, acid house, P.I.L through to digi funky guys n gals – this album hits the spot.

Deeply religious samplists and DJs. . . enjoy!

Madcap is as its name suggests. MAD!
What you get here are violin samples that provocatively slip a trance vibe into the mix. Bish bash bong! Sliced up bass! Classical music with a violent trip which progresses into another incredible track. . . No Sleep.

Pee Break has chops and breaks, samples, and scratches. Oops, did I forget to mention that ALL these tracks have raw energy? Wot a kick! Go Cuff Urself if you don’t get this album.

It’s got the scratching and sampling for all the newbies to the digital market to have fun with and plenty more to spare for those who like a touch of metal, classical, piano, strings, rapping and experimentation – Do I really need to go on?

If you’re not getting the picture yet, I shall spell it out for you:


Well worth the time to take a digital experience with these guys.

I’d be interested in seeing if they hike up the tempo and groove into more of a jungle or drum n bass theme in their next album. But either way I love ‘em and can’t wait for their next album!

Lisa Kalloo

1. Madcap (feat. J. Hehrmann on fiddle & M. Held on drums)
2. Drinks (if u like to remix let us know, remix stems on soundcloud)
3. Too Much Shampoo (feat. Casio VL1 & M. Held on drums)
4. Japanese Tourist (feat. BIOS update sound by Isit)
5. Before U Get Fat (sample by LA BRASS BANDA & M. Held on drums)
6. Burn One Down (get ur digital download / Sci-Fi)
7. Pee Break (take the tape out now / sample by Flea & Stretch)
8. One Hot Finger Lickin' Minute (skit)
9. Go & Cuff Urself(feat. J. Hehrmann on fiddle & M. Held on drums)
10. Fiasco69 (hope it isn´t too loud for you, if it is we always can turn it up / oldschool)
11. Load "*",8,1 (feat. Commodore 64)
12. Hey Dee Wha What (feat. Florrie on vocals)
13. Dot Com Slash (they know what is what but they don´t know what is what)
14. No Sleep (feat. J. Hehrmann on fiddle)


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