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Two Wings - Love’s Spring

Two Wings – Love’s Spring

Glasgow. Call it many things but I doubt ‘home of blissed out psychedelic folk’ would be one of them. Proving that it is are Two Wings. A four piece with a vibe so sunny you’ll question their actually Scottish at all.

Starting the journey into the world of Two Wings is Eikon. Like a musical sledgehammer made of foam your hit by Kate Bush’s long lost cousin and warm brass.  Even the title is Greek!  Combined with strong guitars, bass and drums this track sets up the band perfectly – and apart from everyone else.

Every song transports you to a new place on a sea of sound.  You visit a number of worlds, all of them more heart-warming than the ending to Anchorman.  Love's Spring drags you back to a Medieval village.  But before you can sing ring around the roses and catch the plague you’re happily taken back to the future.  Tracks such as Valley give you the urge to get your barn dance on before the song turns into surfer anthem.  You even end up in the Wild West.  I could go on, and on, but essentially my point is that this record will take you places so have your passport handy.

The standard of playing on the album is high.  From the wandering riffs of Ben Reynolds guitar to Owen Curtis Williams’s (insert bad joke here) central drumming, the album takes traditional folk and beats it with a stick.  Add to that Hanna Tuulikki’s multi-instrumentalist skills and subtle bass your ears will verge on sonic shock.
The vocals won’t help your ears out if their confusion either.  Ben’s traditional folk vocals combine with Hanna’s experimental approach beautifully, with even the odd angelic harmony to add to the swirl of sound.  What they sat is just as special.  From extolling the value of dreams to the importance of freedom and happiness you’re left so warm and glowy you could be mistaken for a light bulb.

Showing the innate sound of folk and the joy of experimenting; this album will do lovely things to your insides.  From the warm fire on a winter night that is Feet to the audio sunshine of Just Like this album will leave you grinning from ear to ear, if a little too chilled to move.  It’ll also infect you with a fascination of birds.

Hear it!

David Horn


Love's Spring
Track list
1 - Eikon
2 - Feet
3 - Love's Spring
4 - Valley
5 - Altars And Thrones
6 - Just Like
7 - It Hurt Me
8 - Forbidden Sublime

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