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The Late Cambrian - Social Season EP

The Late Cambrian - Social Season EP

Tuneful harmless indy pop.

Kzillions of bands replicate something of their heroes. Some have traces of ‘borrowed’ riffs. Some don’t. It’s cool either way. Hmm and following on from the ‘riffing’ point enter the Ryan Gosling track. With its pouty Razorlights start you get to thinking, “OK, I know where this song is going’, but nope! This song gracefully progresses into its own world.

With harmonies in all the right places, their lead vocalist has smidgens of Billy Corgan (Smashing Pumpkins) and the delightful Tommy Scott (Space).

Commendably mixed and produced. Totally enjoyable head nodding stuff.

The worthy Saint James bears a hallmark of Stone Roses track. This deserves a round of applause for its production alone.

If every indy band needs a signature tune then Trash Show should be their jiggly! It’s not a hard-core mosh, but it’s enough to get you up and moving in that pit!

The music industry won’t be revolutionised by these tracks but it’s a credible effort and they definitely have a commercial appeal.

Lisa Kalloo


Social Season EP
Track list
1 - Ryan Gosling
2 - Trash Show
3 - Song 11
4 - Hand Stamp
5 - Saint James

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