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Mugga EP

Mugga EP

Don’t – switch off after the first 12 seconds of each track PLEASE! This EP is like candy. No it’s more than that…

This is like Cream on speed! Licks all over the place yet in total control.

The EP has plenty of bluesy funk. Can’t say that the vocals are set in one style –they’re certainly… erm… ***taps fingers*** well first of all I thought I’d travelled into the ‘70s. But then... NO! It’s MORE than that…

Their influences are clearly from more than one rock generation.

This band love their FX pedals and clearly gel in their jam.

You could be fooled into thinking Slash cameos in The River but no!!!! This is like a few songs fused into one track but blended amiably to keep you on your toes with a dazzling choir-like sneer and a frenetic climax. Well it certainly kept me awake that’s for sure. Bear in mind though this is an over the 3-minute limit of a typical commercial single and well up there in the league with all the greats. Did I mention The River more than once? Then take the hint and remember where you heard about them first.

Sideroxylone has G ‘n’ R stamped all over it. Sort of.  It also sneaks a Megadeth overtone, which they have pulled off with ease but it still doesn’t stop there… There’s a spanner in the works if you think you’ve pinned their style to progressive rock. You would be sooooo wrong! There’s much more to them. Listen and admire.

Doubledeal provides us with more solid metal rap, less of the Chillies and closer to an early Jane’s Addiction genre and then Psychodelay busts out harmonics and effect pedals like a maniac. Love it! The singer excels on all tracks especially this one, which is another shift shaper of a song.

Red Paw took me to some kind of guitar effects paradise. It’s paunchy and well-fed with the food from the head banging 80’s. I can’t stop there. Combine what I just said there with a deep appreciation for the Chillies and then ply that with even more talent infused in a tune that takes you on a psychedelic journey and that’s what you get with these guys.

Throughout the 5 tracks you get the feeling that these guys are jamming for themselves with the coincidental element of ironic certainty that they know that we will adore their finesse.

Mugga has got a sexy rhythm and the vocalist is perfect for the role. The guitarist puts out some mind-blowing riffs maxing the theory of scales… the slaphappy bassist is tight and clearly in unison with all. Drummers usually get forgotten about in reviews but not here: respect to you dude!

What you get from this EP are snatches of masters, Iron Maiden, for example in the deeper voice curtsies inflected in their first track through to a swift schizophrenic change. The moving style, tempo and mad percussive dialogue… prompts me to think that these guys must play all day and night like men possessed. There’s more energy packed in these five songs than my five a day. Don’t take my word for it, check out The River!

One word for them: Awesome!

Lisa Kalloo

Mugga Ep
Track list
1 - The River
2 - Sideroxylon
3 - Doubledeal
4 - Psychodelay
5 - Redpaw

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