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The Rhys Anslow Project - Baby Steps

Think of what Ed Alleyne Johnson did with his custom built, purple electric violin … put that to the corner of your mind and now create an image in your head of a bass-happy solo artist.  Are you there? 
Not quite. Well get ready for The Rhys Anslow Project. Rhys is an experimentalist who layers his music with different effects … how many bassists can you say do that eh? Let me not exaggerate in terms of style or technique. There are not many ‘background distractions’ for want of a better word to any of these tracks and the result of such compositions make it sparse for any commercial appeal.  Yet it is that very essence of non-commercial appeal, that very panned out proposition that holds delights for each arrangement and lacks nothing.

There is a definite ‘live feel’ to the album and a wantonness of texture, tone and colour.

In the sum of its parts, this album may sound clumsy, but I’m not sure if this is not a conscious concept used by Rhys to create that certain warm atmosphere check out Two  Minutes Hate or Emily.

This album is a very brave effort and has its own seductiveness. This is not for the masses. There is not much in the way of melody although Epitaph cleverly creates a resonance. On the whole as a mostly concordant product it is vital to remember that there are whole genres of music that are non-melodious but successful.

For the daring musicians out there, this album is a prodigious relief and one that can be relied on for inspiration. For the more tweed amongst us I still suggest dipping your toes into the unfamiliar.

Lisa Kalloo


Baby Steps
Track list
1 - Night on Wine Street
2 - Two Minutes Hate
3 - Epitaph
4 - Behind Closed Doors
5 - Emily
6 - Thank You (live recording)
7 - Acid Dance
8 - Funk Dunk
9 - Just sit back and relax
10 - Breathe Easy

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