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Dirtswitch - Phoenix Down

Dirtswitch - Phoenix Down

Ahhh! Good ole student days. Air guitars and a little personal stereo blasting! This album captures my youth. Nope, it’s more than that.
It rocks!

Vocalist Luka Lamut has a Jon (Bon Jovi) meets an Eddi Vedder (Pearl Jam) voice, just have to play Another Breath to see that for yourself. Together with Rok Seifert - Bass, Jani Nendl - Guitars/Backing vocals and Uros Markic - Drums, they have clear messages that are neatly expressed and a killer hybrid rhythm kindred to The Almighty.

Snappy riffs and respectable influences aside, this album has success written all over it … nuff said!

Lisa Kalloo


Phoenix Down
Track list
1 - Restraints
2 - Too Much
3 - Sulfur
4 - Another Breath
5 - Looking Back
6 - Comatose
7 - Over & Over
8 - Innocence
9 - My Story
10 - Overhang
11 - Forever
12 - Today


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