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Lettie - Good Fortune, Bad Weather

Lettie - Good Fortune, Bad Weather

In one word ECLECTIC…in many more words…she has divine, dulcet tones and a unique approach. These are real songs with real stories and with REAL meaning…I'm loving this refreshing REALNESS. Gimme everything you’ve got Lettie!

Lyrically, vocally and musically this album is as good as it gets.  She is as different as Morrisey, Bowie or MacColl…if you haven’t got this album then shame on you!

Electro-pop fused music with exquisite strings and lashings of vogue.

Her tunes are as catchy as Ian Drury or Madness – just listen to Fitter.  In Pandora you’ll surely agree she is as exciting as a 21st Bowie.  Mister Lighter has an arrangement that is what makes a star a star. Evocative. I could play this over and over again. The tracks just get better and better if that is possible. Aluminum Man packs incredible irony (move over Kraftwork)!  She has a brilliant sense of humour which sparkles in this track.  Her sweet, honey tones compliment every song.  The closest semblance of a pop song comes in the form of Come Back but overall this album is crammed with melody and will have you purring for days.

Lisa Kalloo


Good Fortune, Bad Weather
Track list
1 - Swirl
2 - Lucky
3 - Bitter
4 - Never Want To Be Alone
5 - Sanctuary
6 - Digital
7 - Pandora
8 - Fitter
9 - Mister Lighter
10 - Good Fortune, bad Weather
11 - Aluminium Man
12 - Crash And Burn
13 - Come Back
14 - On and On

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