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Saffron Byass - Speak Your Truth

Saffron Byass - Speak Your Truth

If you like complex music and a voice that strikes you like lightening then this album is NOT for you.  

For a rock jazz–gospel genre Saffron’s voice DOES flows nicely in SOME places -Saffron handles the lower ranges in a reasonable manner.

Now don’t get me wrong!  There are strong tunes here but they could benefit from an improved production and less of the overkill that comes across in the guitar solos such as I’m Listening Now.

In terms of a market for this genre of music?  Yup, there are definitely going to be some fans - I reckon the album could be pretty big with some churchgoers as its lyrics are akin to material appreciated in such arenas.

Where the album stumbles is in its painfully high notes.  Set Your Soul on Love gives us a sense that Saffron is having fun but then I shudder when the singer hits a certain pitch!

The album does show potential and there are some tracks that are well worth a listen:

Speak Your Truth Part 1 for example contains a nifty vocal effect snugly fitting  Saffron’s vocals. This is by far the best song on the album. It is clearly sung and those oh so subtle delay effects combined with the early distorted guitar bring enjoyable elements to my ears.

Speak Your Truth Part 2 packs a delightfully long intro with another impactful delay effect to her voice which really does work in a cool experimental way. I really appreciated the deviation here into a slightly different realm in contrast to other tracks on the album.

On the whole, if the cheesy guitar could be tamed and the aluminium straining nodules phased down I might be happy to have it in my own library.

Lisa Kalloo


Speak Your Truth
Track list
1 - Can You Feel it?
2 - Send Her Love
3 - Set Your Soul On Love
4 - The Riverbed Blues
5 - Let It Go
6 - Highest Good
7 - Yes I Do
8 - I'm Listening Now
9 - All That Really Matters Is Now
10 - Speak Your Truth part 1
11 - Speak Your Truth part 2

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