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missdavinalee - It's a Love

missdavinalee - It's a Love

These are songs with an edge. Public transport would be a joyous journey for me if I podified my ears, whacked up the volume and zoned out with Miss Davina Lee. Alternatively, neighbours be warned - I have posted you earplugs.

Alison leads us into arresting harmonies, electronica rock, catchy chorus with snatches of the B52s here and there which disarms us for the directness addressed to the listener - not for those of a reserved disposition. The track follows snugly into Comforter - stunning us for its melody and drama. Her vocal range is quietly understated here but wait.  Leave your preconceptions right there matey!  Shake is a fun little piece but probably the weakest track on the album. Ohhhhh ahhhh what a track we are treated with in Blue & Green. It’s like listening to a glossy version of Courtney Love on a calm day.  Really? Yes really! Toooooooonful, spoonfuls of deep introspection and a heavy choral application. Hold On is adorable in its visual elements as well as its honesty gliding into an unexpected musical dimension. The result is pure delight. Again we get teased into pockets of the B52s with Bedbugs but the emphasis shifts to cool girly vocals.  Such a summer tune. Hood down driving with your girly mates. Just when you think you have to come to a full appreciation of this album Dreams gently stirs up yet another twist to the versatility of the album.  Blur-like riffs whip us up into frenzy with Come On. Oooooh now with that striking repetitive bass line, infectious, tickly Miss Davina Lee  nodule.  I’m reminded of Elastica’s Line Up.
Here’s the puzzler though Blue & Green Redux – what is the point of this song?
I think I must be missing something here but I guess it’s a teaser before the track which follows. And then This Love brings us back into a drama…but ohhh how perfect a song it is…a breathtaking song just for its impactful simplicity.

Davina Lee Cooke is talent personified.  Her confidence shines through every single composition. Vocally and musically intoxicating. Harmonic, profound and gutsy and I’d go so far as to say as rousing as Hazel O’Connor in terms of her uniqueness. Together with Roald Hellum Madland, Angus Wilson, Gareth Ashton and Jenny Green, missdavinalee have all the qualities to be of cult status and worthy contenders for a future Somojo Award methinks.

Lisa Kalloo

It's a Love
1 - Alison
2 - Comforter
3 - Shake
4 - Blue & Green
5 - Hold On
6 - Bedbugs
7 - Dreams
8 - Come On
9 - Blue & Green Redux
10 - This Love

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