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Jenny Gillespie's new EP Belita

Jenny Gillespie – Belita EP

Acoustic guitar. Clever fingerpicking in accordance to the verses. Electronic instruments: spacy. Drifting ambience…melodic vocals. This woman can sing!  The musicians can play and together they are incredible.  She sings like she was born to sing.

This EP stands on its own.  It sets a new standard and is technically brilliant.  Jenny’s versatile style and ambient voice has wisps of Tori Amos and the likes of Joni Mitchell –but she has carved her own name with Belita.  Generously proportioned progressive folk-indie with a delicate hint of classical and pop -minus the cheese.

Creature of our make spirited adjectives weave itself throughout this powerful composition.  The strings show subtle repetitiveness, which serves as a bass line. This song borders on indie, folk and then there are the vocals, evocative and as flexible as a yoga instructor’s body!  Evokes a dusty Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young memory.  Simple and complex in structure. And style!  Another fabulous track is Wooden bench. Afolky, airy, light as a breeze piece but showing a depth of words and analogies that positively blow your mind.! Vaguely melodic and justifiably so with the right amount of instrumental influx to remind you that Jenny’s EP is an intentional reminder of its core roots. She bares her fears with humility and grace.  I strongly recommend listening to her. Cheating Gong ethereal multiple stringed instruments, a subtle bass and Jenny’s vocals fly, float and enter and pause whilst the musicians whip as into a gentle frenzy.  I don’t feel cheated by listening to this song.  It’s a treat.  Her vocals are cool and warm at interchangeable moments leading you through flashes of love, leaving and memory.

Lisa Kalloo

Track List
1 - Creature of our make
2 - Wooden Bench
3 - Mariposa
4 - Sunshine Blood
5 - Cheating Gong

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