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Tom Billington - As Luck Would Have It

Tom Billington - As Luck Would Have It

Shut the door. Put your feet up. Now click repeat on your remote. Time for you to listen to the most evocative album of the year.

A whole album posing questions to us with an embryonic frame. This chap has a bright imagery and a dazzling expression which shines throughout As Luck Would Have It.  Tom Billington is a singer with a big, BIG voice.  His dialect is unpretentious and is a major bonus for us listeners as it glimmers throughout all these tracks.  The acoustically based album has good doses of folk, fiddle and mostly upbeat rhythm.

Devil’s in the Detail has an outlandish storyline about someone’s obsession for detail funny and serious at the same time. There is definitely an appreciation of Neil Young, and maybe  even Ruarri Joseph - Poet Princess - so the lashings of folk fusions instruments makes this a genuine pleasure to play. Start all Over Again Tom’s vocal range flows and rests on certain words making pleasing impact on to pleased ears. When we get to Starry Skies we are gratified further with a beautiful duet, harmonies, priceless melody and acoustic guitar .  Vivid imagery conjured up in a gentle, pleasing piece of entertainment. Aftermath eases us into this journey of rhythm and folk.  Dead Cigarettes is about as poignant as a composition can get and packs a subtle but still beautiful choir punch. It has the vibrance of early Hothouse Flowers.

What are you waiting for? It only takes a couple of clicks to get listening to him.

Lisa Kalloo

As Luck Would Have It
Track list
1 - Winter Clothes
2 - Devil's in the Detail
3 - As Perfect Goes
4 - Poet Princess
5 - On the other side of the Night (with Jessica Staveley Taylor)
6 - Start All Over Again
7 - Starry Skies (with Camilla Staveley Taylor)
8 - Insides Up
9 - Is it you?
10 - Aftermath
11 - Dead Cigarettes

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