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Dusty Rosko – Nextwave–Heavy Soul

Dusty Rosko – Nextwave–Heavy Soul

In the word of the great Jimi Hendrix ‘with the power of soul anything is possible’.  Dusty Rosko proves this with their soulful and warm Nextwave–Heavy Soul. This is going to be a cliché review I can tell.  I better get the cliché jar ready – this could get expensive.

Nextwave–Heavy Soul is a record dominated by a powerful, soulful and versatile voice (pound number one for the cliché jar).  From the first second the voice alone draws you in faster than the latest app craze.  Happily this is just one element of why this album will claim squatters rights in your head.  The odd synth and intelligent guitars create a solid and engaging sound (pound number two). These add to the inviting atmosphere of the record without sounding busier than Sir Alan Sugar’s dictionary.

'I Have This' starts off the album with vaguely 80’s synths and a toasty guitar riff. The riff drags you in to the world of Dusty Rosko like Adam West and a piece of candy.  If the album were a person it would be a teenager.  It has more musical moods than a brat on My Super Sweet Sixteen.  Urgent guitars in 'Free Poison' turn into dark vibes in the Smiths-esque 'Heaven is a Glove' and moody tendencies in 'Young Deceiver'.  The album then takes a lively tone in 'When The Lights Go Out'. Throughout this however the album maintains the powerful sound it starts with.

Tracks such as 'All These Eyes' show case Otti Albietz’s vocals and the albums strong bass whilst 'When The Lights Go Out' brings out the guitars at their jaunty best.  As the album ends with 'We Are Here' you’ll still be singing the chorus ‘We are here to create a beautiful world for hours'.
Powerful, soulful and engaging (I think I’m now broke) this album is eleven songs all enjoyable and infectious for different reasons.  They’re all held together by strong playing and Otti’s captivating voice.  Give it a listen.

David Horn

Nextwave-Heavy Soul
Track list
01 - I Have This
02 - Free Poison
03 - Hold me, Where it Hurts
04 - Tick Tick Boom
05 - Won't Leave Yet
06 - Heaven Is A Glove
07 - Young Deceiver
08 - All These Eyes
09 - Have A Fire
10 - When The Lights Go Out
11 - We Are Here

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