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The DamnCats


The DamnCats
The Single - You Don’t Look the Same in the Cold Light of Day
The E.P - Lights Go Down

Damn Cats - a phrase commonly shouted by elderly gardeners. The Canterbury based brit-pop inspired band The DamnCats however are more adept at making nice sounds than holes in your garden.

Their latest release is a single free to download from the ever present Facebook.  You Don’t Look the Same in the Cold Light of Day is a song of two halves, like a football match only … er, good.  Nice melodies and a lilting vocal let you drift into a sunny state of mind.  A shift in tempo and production jolts you back to your senses quicker than a bucket of water over someone sleepy.  Frantic energy takes over as the guitars come to life, assisted by some ear-catching vocal production.  The track ends with an extra out of time vocal, leaving the song bouncing around your head all day.

The DamnCats’ E.P Lights Go Down is equally well produced.  Make Up Minds kicks the E.P off with brit-pop vocals and a driving guitar riff.  The song’s energy carries you along and draws you in as the song builds up.  The track surprises you as it stops and restarts again.  The E.P shows the bands versatility with the track 4am.  4am has a light indie feel to with an infectious playful riff that wouldn’t sound out of place on The Inbetweeners.  Fronted by ex-bassist Savannah Sylken has a sincere and close feel.  This intimacy is repeated in her second track Choke.  The song has a fragile feel with a subtle gitar and quiet drums.  The song builds as it continues; maintaining a downbeat atmosphere as the accompanying guitar riff peaks – suiting the vocals perfectly.

The single and the E.P are highly accomplished and showcase both the bands playing and song writing skills.  The stand-out track is Liberation.  Driving guitars and high energy give way to an obscenely catchy chorus.  The song’s breakdown raises the pace and keeps the song powering forward like a train with no breaks.
Find the band on Facebook and hear for yourself, better yet see them live – I plan to whenever can!

David Horn

Track Listing:
You Don’t Look the Same in the Cold Light of Day

Lights Go down E.P
Made Up Minds

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