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Joshua Caole debut album

Joshua Caole - Moon Palace

A mostly acoustic album. Easy on the ear. Memorable melodies and lyrics. His influences are varied but within an American folk group.

Let’s not kid ourselves, there is nothing new about the themes this singer/songwriter covers but it is worthy of highlighting the fact that it’s not what he does but the way he does it. The more I play this album the more my senses awaken and appreciate this new kid on the block.

The introductory Pleased to have you has en early Jagger edge with a chorus that teases you into thinking he is going to break into a Sympathy for The Devil like chorus but then Bam! You get hints of a nasal Lou Reed accompanied by nice steady rhythm. Played this song four times and then started singing along to it.Sweet Sweet Eyes Is he American you ask yourself? No this young artist is from Cardiff…and yet to me although he has a heavily influenced American folk style this tune reminds me of  Lloyd Cole and the Commotions,  ‘Perfect Skin’.  His simple chords and riff are effective here - accompanied by  simple heartfelt lyrics. Butterfly Story of love and letting go. Not convinced it needed the brutality of the harmonica as Joshua’s vocals carries this song beautifully. I am surprised this hasn’t featured as a soundtrack to any of those cool adverts you watch on TV and then rush out to find out who is singing it. Why not?Remember The Smithereens?
Well Cruel is very much in this vein, a tale of love and death. For The Angels To Sing You will either love this song or hate it it’s one of those moments where you question whether this is a master’s work or overstated and pretentious.  I know what vote I would cast. Angels Of Indigo Has a country folk-American flow. Begins with a dramatic dark piano with equally dark lyrics and matched by an almost vocal solitude if you can imagine that? Farewell My Dear rounds off the album snuglywith a catchy riff and a quirky lyrics while the acoustic guitar Kentucky fingerpicking makes this an appropriate end to the album. My fave song on here.

This singer/songwriter is well-equipped for a very distinguished bunch of followers for sure.

Lisa Kalloo


Moon Palace
Track list
1 - Pleased To Have You
2 - Sweet Sweet Eyes
3 - Butterfly
4 - Cruel
5 - For The Angels To Sing
6 - Caught In Two
7 - Girl Of Your Own Time
8 - Make Any Friends
9 - Stay Here For A While
10 - Southern Shore
11 - Angels Of Indigo
12 - Farewell My Dear

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