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Sky Flying By – Whats The Farthest You Can see?

Sky Flying By – What's The Farthest You Can see?

What's the farthest you can see?
Come now, it’s your own time you’re wasting and there will be a quiz. This is also the name of the latest release from Boston, Massachusetts based Sky Flying By.

Release is the right word for this collection of music.  Each song is more like a painting crafted with sounds. Track titles such as More Questions Than Answers act more as something to think about than references for songs. A Total Lack of Understanding sinks you into the world of Sky Flying By with a gentle piano and violin before drums add to proceedings. The combination of sounds creates an expansive feel that you’re soon lost in it. But let’s be honest, all the best things happen when we’re a little lost.

The album uses a variety of sounds from moving strings and clear riffs to organic and natural drums. The opening to Passing Through Unnoticed showcases these organic sounds with soft drum beats and natural guitars.  Choral voices complete the scene and your away, and not really wanting to come back. The sounds complement each other perfectly and captivate yours ears as each songs plays out and builds up to a finale. Tracks such as the closer The Preservation of Momentum highlight the high production level of the E.P and shows the combination of sounds and instruments which is prevalent throughout.

This isn’t an album for walking around to. To make the most of this you need to sit down, close your eyes and listen – ideally in that order.  Do this and you’ll have a sonic adventure while the music says more with no words than some whole albums do.

It’s a sonic experience that will leave you so relaxed you’ll have to check your pulse.

David Horn


What's The Farthest You Can see?
Track listing
1 - A Total Lack of Understanding
2 - Passing Through Unnoticed
3 - Thousand Yard Stare
4 - From Where We Stand
5 - What's The Farthest You Can See?
6 - More Questions Than Answers
7 - The Conservation of Momentum

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