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Common Outlaw – Run and Hide

Ominously on their Facebook page they say ‘Common Outlaw are here...’. But don’t bolt the saloon doors just yet. They’re here with their E.P Run and Hide, not a slice of the wild west. Besides, does anyone even have saloon doors?

Track one Better Off gets straight to it with a powerful and driving bass line. The track also has crisp loud guitars and drums, standing out with a few moments of ear-catching vocal production. The good guitar work is continued in the track Run and Hide. The guitars in this song bring an uplifting edge to its lyrics. The track is ably assisted like bacon with BBQ sauce by another strong bass line.

The downbeat ‘Cry’ shows the band getting thoughtful and reflective as they tell a story of leaving and uncertainty. Subtle guitars and subdued drumming carry the lyrics through the air and down your brain holes before the song reaches a passionate finish. After the restrained playing the energy boost stands sounds even more, complete with a guitar solo.

The bands reflective side is exercised again as the closer Up On This Mountain sparks into life. The song is held together by solid guitars and strong drumming. With some more inspired production and thought provoking lyrics this track shows many of the bands strengths.

The E.P is accomplished and delivers four well written songs. The band manages to hold an indie rock sound whilst giving it playful and creative moments.
Check them live to, they have a few genius covers hidden away.

David Horn

Track listing:
Run and Hide
Better Off
Up On This Mountain

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