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The Detours - Ignite EP

The Detours - Ignite EP

The Ignite E.P is the newest release from Glaswegian rockers The Detours.  Three tracks hit you with solid and strong rock that wouldn’t sound out of place on Kerrang!

It opens with the single One Last Chance which is available here as a free download.  High energy and poppy riffs set the scene for a catchy and engaging song.  The emotional and final feel of the lyrics is captured in the chorus which will climb into your head like a squirrel into an attic.  This tone is carried throughout the E.P.  The tone is summed up by ‘We tried/We Failed/The Train derailed’.  The songs breaks down into a brief vocal solo before building energy.  This sweeps you along in all the ways a good rock song should.

The remaining tracks show the band in a heavier light.  The same emotional vibes seep through like lyrical damp but this time they seep through a different kind of wall.  One made of heavier riffs and more darkly produced vocals, a wall that smells of beer and good times.  The solo in Ignite brings a grin to your face and an air guitar too your arms, dripping with slight 80s vibes.  This grin continues with the uplifting and joyful guitars of the closer Free.  The band sound at their best on these heavier tracks.  At the centre of the E.P is powerful drumming holding everything together, driving the songs forward.

This release shows the bands versatility and skills of the band.  It promises even better things to come.

David Horn


Ignite EP
1 - One Last Chance
2 - Ignite
3 - Free


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