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Blaise Paisel – All I Was

Blaise Paisel – All I Was

Blaise Paisel.  A name you probably haven’t heard too many times before, but one your hopefully hear a lot more in the future.  A bit like a toddler with a masters degree Blaise Paisel already have their first E.P with another soon to follow.

Over three tracks the All I Was E.P covers a series of emotions honestly and openly, backed by honest inventive music.  The E.P opens with Promised Me Meadows.  A tender fragile start paints a sad picture of giving up, subtle drumming and an acoustic guitar accompanying the lyrics perfectly.  But then in the beat of an ear drum a new sense of energy storms the song, transforming it.

Although there are only three tracks the E.P has an emotional and reflective tone with a hopeful edge.  Like cornflakes after you’ve added the sugar.  The sentiment of the E.P is brought to life with some versatile and heartfelt vocals.  This is matched by the other sounds in times of both energy and reflection.

There are moments of inspiration throughout the E.P.  The closing track Threadbare has a surprising and undeniably funky riff in places.  Whilst the drumming in Promised Me Meadows combined with some strong guitar work contrasts the lyrics perfectly increasing the impact of both.  Just Like That shows the band at their most reflective and builds on the unique sound the band have.

Available free online you have no excuse not to hear it, or better yet to see them live!

David Horn

All I Was - E.P.
Track listing:
1 - Promised Me Meadows
2 - Just Like That
3 - Threadbare

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