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Auction For The Promise Club

Auction for The Promise Club - One

When you first hear One by Auction for The Promise Club you hear lots of things.  Tight playing, variety and some big sounds.  You don’t hear three people hailing from a small Cornish fishing village who’ve only just finished their debut E.P.

As you listen this four track E.P soaks into your head and delivers a couple of surprizes.  The first comes in the opener Under China.  It starts with an opening that doesn’t exactly fight for your ears undivided attention.  This thought will float around your head for a second until some big riffs and drums send your brain into whiplash.  Energetic and loud this song tells you why they’ve had over 86 thousand MySpace hits.  Other surprizes include the synth pop opening to Liquid which wouldn’t sound wrong on a Lady GaGa record – don’t worry its good!  Every song gives your ears something new, keeping them entertained like a small child (or me) with something shiny.  The band create a sound for themself by supporting this variety with consistent big riffs and powerful drumming.

The drumming courtesy of Toby White Chambers is at the heart of this record.  The strong beats laid down give a solid platform for guitarist/singer and sister Zoe’s sultry rock vocals and Perran Tremewan’s big energised guitars.  This E.P oozes the skill and further potential this band have, and was even recorded at Abbey Road Studios.  The finished article sounds polished, a little too polished in places – but with years of heavy touring they deserve to be.  This E.P is testament to why they’ve supported a range of bands covering Martha Wainwright to Pendulum, closer Dancer showcasing the bands talents.

At four tracks this E.P is too short if anything, but gives you four great tracks to wrap your ears around.

David Horn


Auction for The Promise Club - One
1 - Under China
2 - Liquid
3 - If
4 - Dancer

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