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Simian Ghost - Youth

Simian Ghost - Youth

The Øresund Bridge, Anders Celsius and Simian Ghost.  What do these things have in common?  They’re all Swedish. Happily Simian Ghost are even a band.  Even more happily they’ve made a new album and it’s good. Both Zane Lowe and the Guardian have picked up on this album, the first of many.

Youth by Simian Ghost is more than just 37 minutes of music; it’s an audio cloud waiting for you to climb into.  The Swedish three-piece have crafted an album full of laid back happiness and idyllic positivity.  As soon as you’ve pressed play your transported to happy world tea fountains and biscuit trees (that’s everyone’s happy place right?).  Tracks like the title track Youth use blissful guitar and effortless synth lines you could get lost in for hours. The lyrics paint a touching scene as the chorus chimes ‘I feel myself drifting off with you’ and you actually do.  This vibe is continued with tracks such as Siren and Sparrow; Sparrow taking it a whole new level of calm.

These chilled worlds aren’t the only things in the audio cloud.  Still in their undeniably relaxed style tracks such as Wolf Girl and The Capitol bring an energy boast to proceedings.  Some inspired drumming guarantees the most relaxed dancing ever seen will happen when these get played.  It’s not all sunshine and rainbows however.  Songs like Fenix talk of lust and inescapable change, just as beautifully as tales of love found elsewhere.  This is echoed by the album closer No Dreams, arguably the saddest but also most attention hungry song on the album.  Even these songs are probably some of the happiest sad songs you’ll ever hear.

Standout moments include Youth and Crystalline Lovers Mind.  The guitar riff alone in Crystalline... won’t fail to bring a smile to your face.  The sounds and imagery that make up this album let you lose yourself completely in the world it creates.  When you come back you’ll be so relaxed you’ll even have to think twice about getting up. The albums not out till the 5th of March but you can get your fix sooner.  On their Facebook page you can get a remix package free for a short while to keep you going.

On their website they claim to have made ‘the most accurate reflection of their live sound and ambitions to date’. 
What they have made is a beautiful album.

David Horn


Simian Ghost - Youth
1 - Curtain Call
2 - Youth
3 - The Capital
4 - Wolf Girl
5 - Sparrow
6 - Fenix
7 - Automation
8 - Siren
9 - Crystalline Lovers Mind
10 - No Dreams

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