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Skint and Demoralised: This Sporting Life

Skint and Demoralised – This Sporting Life

Step one – find the CD.  Step two – play the CD.  Step three – don’t assume.  This sporting life by Skint and Demoralised sounds like text book indie there’s no escaping it.  Happily it shows the genre at its very best.

Crafted by performance poet Matt Abbot this album frames life in a brilliantly honest and real way.  Throughout, the musicianship is skilled – suiting the tone of the lyrics perfectly.  A prime example of this is The Lonely Hearts of England with its bold guitars. They make the ideal backdrop to a tale of going out on the pull.  Not only this but the instruments combine to become effortlessly catchy.  After one listen they’ll embed in your head in much the way important information doesn’t.  Even songs on the sadder side of life will have you appreciating the guitar sound before hearing the lyrics and feeling guilty.  Let’s be honest with a songwriter and producer called MiNI dOGG it couldn’t fail to impress.

Matt Abbot’s voice sounds typically indie again yes, but more importantly achingly sincere and open.  The lyrics it gives life to paint a vivid picture of the world though real desires and thoughts. Abbot tackles highs like going out and partying or on the pull to the lows of frustration and sad reflection.  The universal nature of Abbot’s words seep in straight away there. ‘I’m so sick of this low life/f@!k right off with the same old’ – everyone’s been there at some point.  This man can write a chorus!  Even before the first listens done you’ll catch yourself singing along.  The performance poetry background shines through with each track telling a story.

This Sporting Life is as relevant now as it would have been 50 years ago and will be in 50 more.  It deals with its content in an honest way based in reality.  Every tack is highly relatable, instantly summoning memories and reassuring you that everyone goes through this stuff.  At points it’s like he’s looked into your mind.  It will move you in all the right places and a few of the wrong ones.  You can’t move for nearly huge indie bands cluttering the street but this is how it should be done.

Give it a listen, you won’t regret it.

David Horn


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