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Straylings – Entertainment on Foreign Ground

Soulless. Mass produced. Bland. These are just three of the works that don’t describe the Straylings first album, Entertainment on Foreign Grounds. Dana Zeera and Oliver Drake have created an album full of tenderness. The album brims with Zeera’s hauntingly brilliant vocals and Drake’s subtly great guitar work.

Zeera’s vocals strike you from track one Carver’s Kicks, sounding fragile and haunting.  Zeera simultaneously channels many great vocalists whilst making it into something unique.  Combined with Drake’s guitars the music gets under your skin and down to your core.  ‘Ok, you guys.  You got me.  This music made me fall apart inside.  And it felt good.’  When Kramer, the guy behind the Pulp Fiction soundtrack, says that you know it’s a bit good.

Entertainment on Foreign Grounds shows the Straylings versatility.  It covers folk music at its best alongside stripped back moments such as Marie and the Dusty Lands and songs that verge on rock music like Animal Flag; and everything in between.  Whatever the song, it is engaging whilst full warmth and soul.  Zeera and Drake have made a record that teems with more life than a bar with a drinks deal.  Their backgrounds and the succession of hallways/basements they recorded in have filled the album with a sense of the world.

If the White Stripes had been a folk duo they’d have been in this pair's shadow.  Over 40,000 MySpace views prove how far this band have come, and the potential that still remains.  Check em’ out!

David Horn


Entertainment on Foreign Grounds
Track list
01 - Carver's Kicks
02 - Sleep Shapes
03 - The Saguaro
04 - The Spoils
05 - Bitter Face
06 - Marie & The Dusty Lands
07 - Kings Of The Mire
08 - Arcadian Moon
09 - The Unravelling Of Mr Ed
10 - Animal Flag
11- To Lay Down Roots

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