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Johnny Foreigner vs Everything released November 7th

Johnny Foreigner – Johnny Foreigner Vs Everything

Like your music emotional, frantic and raucous? If the answer to this question is yes then Johnny Foreigner have 17 tracks ready for you to wrap your ears around. A quick warning though: if you areintofrank indie rock what salt is to snails then this probably won’t be for you. Still reading? Good because the latest release from Johnny Foreigner is a treat filled with tales of the heart, drink, a touch of realism and most importantly the occasional trumpet.

Not only that, but the album boasts some inspired album titles. Hulk Hoegarden, Gin Kinsella, David Davodkany, Etc contains more words in the title than some songs. Whatever the topic in this variety box of songs the writing is witty and playful but to the point. Lyrics like (Don’t) Show Us your Fangs’s ‘we caught fire but fire burns bridges best/I lost myself for you I lost out/every evenings headed somewhere new’ prove both reflective and hopeful. Hearing the record you can’t help but be impressed by the noise three people can make, showcased straight from track one. This makes stripped back tracks like ‘200x’ stand out even more. ‘Johnny Foreigner Vs You’ with nothing but a piano and voices hijacks your attention entirely.

This album will make you dance, make you think and before you can blink you’ll be relating and reminiscing. Whilst being laced with hope throughout this is quite an unrelentingly sad record, despite the high energy and noisy riffs that make it shine. At an extensive 17 tracks the one weakness of this album is its length. Listen to it from start to finish and you’ll definitely need a cuppa and a chaser of bright happy music to reset the balance. Not a hugely ground breaking album this shows off all of Johnny Foreigners strengths at their finest and sounds ace.
On their website Johnny Foreigner themselves say ‘we've made the record that sounds like we do in our heads’. Like Johnny Foreigner already or want a slice of great indie that sounds like a house party shrunk and glued to a CD? Then this is for you.

David Horn

Johnny Foreigner Vs Everything
1. if im the most famous boy you’ve fucked then honey yr in trouble
2. with who, who and what i’ve got
3. 200x
4. hulk hoegaarden, gin kinsella, david duvodkany, etc 1
5. johnny foreigner vs you
6. concret1
7. electricity vs the dead
8. jess, you got yr song so leave
9. supermorning
10. what drummers get
11. new street, you can take it
12. concret2
13. (don’t) show us your fangs
14. you vs everything
15. doesn’t believe in angels
16. the swell/like neverwhere
17. alternate timelines piling up


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