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Black Spring Rising

Black Spring Rising - Black Spring Rising

Track Listing
1. Trouble
2. Misfit
3. Silently
4. It Burns Inside
5. Pleasure Twisting
6. Yeah Yeah Yeah
7. Baby
8. Envy
9. Skunk
10. One Small Step
11. Tick Tick Tock

Black Spring Rising are an Essex UK based rock trio, namely Trish Black on vocals, Jan Black on Bass, Keyboards and Backing vocals and Lisa Steadman on Drums. Their eponymous first album has an anthemic rock sound, but with enough additional influences to help it rise above any wave of cliché – the pitfall of many bands who approach this genre.

Trish Black’s vocal style is very much in the vein of Grace Slick, or Carol Decker, but has a distinctive growl that helps avoid any absolute comparison.

The music itself has elements of punk and even a slight techno vibe to the synths and keyboard aspects that push the sound away from pure rock, creating a very distinctive and original take on the genre, with even vaguely oriental/classical undertones, particularly in the instrumental and lead solo sections, pushing through the heavy riffery that dominates the backbone of the music.

Steven C. Wilson

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