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Spaceship Days 'Black Holes & Butterflies'

Spaceship Days 'Black Holes & Butterflies'
Track Listing
1. Hanging From The Satellites
2. Stick On Stars
3. Shadow Walking
4. My Life With You
5. Ghost Of California
6. Pain In Pretty Things
7. A Little Extraordinary
8. Big World Pop Star
9. Something Perfect
10. Sweet Suffocation
11. Last Kiss On Earth

This is one of the best albums I heard in 2010. Everything about this album screams "perfection." I am still highly impressed by Spaceship Days. Matt’s vocals are the perfect complement to Chuck and Greg’s guitar work. I cannot say enough about this band. I’ve been hooked from the first song I heard.

Every once in a while a music lover is presented with a once in a life time chance, and it’s important to take that chance. I always listen to every band that is suggested to me but most of them don’t really ever get a second thought. Spaceship Days was most definitely NOT one of those bands. I can’t even begin to count the number of times I’ve told people to take a listen, and how many people end up loving them.

The best song on the album, in my opinion is "Last Kiss on Earth" It’s one of the most romantic songs I’ve heard in a long time. The line "and if the sun burns out without a sound put your lips against my mouth, hold your breath dear, no ones left here" is something that well hope to hear. This song is about things almost not working out, but knowing that you’ve found the person that is exactly right for you and you alone, and that you want to be with them until the earth is destroyed. Insert collective "awwwww" here.

While I like every song on the album for a specific reason, my second favorite would have to be "Hanging from the Satellites." This song is about that first time on stage as an artist. About being scared out of your damn mind and being so excited you’re flying high about the earth. This song is about that feeling that nothing can go wrong. Until the police show up and you’re left to only dream about what the rest of show could have been like.

I imagine that it would have been pure music perfection.

∞ Ashley L. Pieciak ∞
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